Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Inspired

Good evening ladies! I hope that everyone had a lovely Saturday. Today I have for you my Easter design. I wanted something fun and that brought me back the happy spring days of my childhood; like the fun colors in the Rankin/Bass Peter Cottontail movie. 

 Don't the dots of color look like jelly beans? I love how it reminds me of an Easter basket and Peeps! To achieve this easy look I first started with a white base of Zoya Christinna. Then I did two coats of Revlon Sunshine Sparkle. For the polka dots I used OPI Planks A Lot and Sparrow Me the Drama along with Revlon Blue Lagoon. I topped it all off with INM Northern Lights.

Here's the deal with this mani. I have learned the two Revlon colors are from their 2011 summer collection. I have not tried Blue Lagoon as a base color yet, however this is my second attempt with Sunshine Sparkle. I still can't stand it. Even with a base coat of white the color is still pale. The shimmer is barely there on the nail and that is what grabbed my eye when I looked into the bottle. The formula is HORRIBLE! It's streaky and will not settle to an even finish. I thought I'd give this color a second chance and hoped the results would be better. Some other blogs I checked out complained about this color's formula as well. So if you happen to pass by it on a clearance rack or see it at Wal-mart, like I did, pass it up! It's not worth your money. 

Aside from the horrible experience of Sunshine Sparkle, I do enjoy this mani. It's just what I needed for some Easter cheer. A Happy Easter to you all! 

Hugs and love,


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