Monday, October 3, 2011

The Engagement Nails

Hello my fellow nail buddies! Today I decided to look back at some of the first nail pictures I took when I decided to chronicle my nail adventures. Back then I was a stressed-out Level 2 intern who realized that if my eyes had to be blood shot and baggy from staying up late for lesson planning, research papers and whatever else needed to be turned in by 12 a.m.; I could at least focus on the beauty that is nail polish for some "me time". It also helped that I got engaged around the same time my Level 2 internship began. I had to show of the the new ring and there was no way that I was going to do that without my nails looking decent.

My early days of nail design where lazy ones. I would paint my nails with sloppy strokes and could care less about a proper clean up. I didn't even take care of my cuticles! However, I discovered Sally Hansen's Salon Effects and I fell in love.

Bling It On (and oh my, the fiance did!)
Close up of all that sparkle. LOVE it.
What I enjoy about this product is the sheer simplicity of it. It's very easy to apply, stays on like a charm, and is wonderful to use when you want your nails to look good but don't have the time for the full-on mani. I'm even going to purchase the Halloween themed ones!

Sally Hansen's Salon Effects is a great product that is wonderful for beginner nail enthusiasts. Go ahead, try it out. Put a smile on your face. :-)

Hugs and Love,


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