Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fashion Addict

Hello again! Wow two posts in one day. I'm feeling accomplished this weekend. After organizing my polish racks and staring at all of the beauties (which remind me of gems) I decided to try out one of my new Color Club colors. Fashion Addict is a pale rose, almost lilac, holo. I would have never had the chance to try it out if my friend Emily hadn't pointed it out to me. In her words exactly, "Oh my God, it's holographic!" She's a huge holo fan. Fashion Addict is my very first holo and after trying it out, I think I will need to search for more. I love it! 

This polish is such an easy application. I had no problems with it at all. My photos show two coats of the color topped with SV. The lighting in my place is bad. Inside my apt. it seems like two coats is perfect, but after seeing my nails in direct sunlight I think three coats would have been better. I'll remember that for next time. 

Here's a close up of all that holographic awesomeness. Thanks again Emily for finding this gem! And speaking of Emily, you should all check out her blog . It's A-mazing! 

Hugs and love,

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  1. YAY for holographic polishes!!!!!!!!!! I have one on my nails right now and I cannot stop staring at it! :) aren't they the best?! Thanks for the shout out! <3