Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rica All About It

Hello all! I am sorry that it is a been a while since I last posted. After the last post I tried and failed at a Halloween inspired mani. I know I said I'd share my fails but it was too embarassing. At least my students liked it. I told them I had "monster goo" stained on my nails because a monster came to visit me for Halloween. They were amused. Then I got sick and doing my nails was the last thing on my mind. Really, where is this horrible cold/sinus infection coming from? It seems like everyone has it. 

Well I finally feel better and I thought I'd bring some brightness around since I was feeling quite dreary the last couple of days. I could not have picked a better color for bright either. Rica by Zoya is vibrant and beautiful!

I am going to say that Rica is a stunning orange foil polish. (This is me attempting to categorize and describe nail polish types and colors. Please bear with me. :-p ). I don't even know if orange is the right description of the color. Sometimes it is orange-red and other times in the light it flashes pink. I just love it. 

Here it is with more of a reddish tone to it.
The application of this gem was simple. It was fully opaque in two coats. I did use a
top coat of SV and have yet to see shrinkage. Maybe I will see some a few hours down the road. I'm really digging this color, so I hope not.

On another note, I am dying to try out a new polish brand that I read about on another blog. It's called A England. Anyone ever heard of it before? I found about it through check out her blog. She's amazing and reading her blog cracks me up) I love every single color that Cristina featured and then I checked out where you can purchase it from and looked at the entire collection. I seriously enjoy them all. It also helps that I'm really into Medieval history and all that jazz, so I'm kind of biased to the name of the collection and polish.

That's it for today. I'm going to enjoy this Sunday by reading a book. 

Hugs and love,
Karen <3

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