Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bringing Back the Memories

Hello all!I am so happy it's Saturday. I got a lot accomplished. I went shopping with my friend and bought some new clothes, then had lunch. In between that I managed to pick up a kitten from the animal hospital where my sister works and fell in love with him. Oh no! Oh yeah, I also signed up to be a Julep Maven. I am so flippin' excited about this. After I took the style quiz I was hooked. The quiz got me pretty spot on and I love the colors that were picked out. You will have a chance to see those colors of joy in 7-10 business days. :-p

Well, I'm not posting to just tell you about my shopping trips and kitten love, I have a new mani! My idea for this particular mani was much more vibrant and interesting in my head. It's simple and cute, but not at all what I had pictured. I got my inspiration from Paper Mario. It's my all time favorite N64 game. I'm talking the original here, not the Game Cube one (which is fun) or the Wii version (which I have to try out). I'm talking the game from my middle school days. One of my favorite features of the game was the background graphics when Mario had to go to Shooting Star Summit to learn how to save Princess Peach from Bowser. I loved all the yellow, blue, pink and purple shooting stars that were just everywhere. So I decided to try my hand at stamping and this is what I got: 

Please excuse my pictures. Right now I only have a camera through the use of my phone. Anyway....I used three coats of the OPI Katy Perry Collection Last Friday Night as my base coat. Then I used BM plate 20 for my stamping. The color I used for the stamping is Zoya's Talulah. I think if I were to do this next time (which I am thinking I may for my friend's baby shower since she is having a boy) I will have to use a darker blue for the stars. They are very translucent. It's okay though because I am just thrilled that I was able to stamp properly for the first time! No epic fails this try. I guess I have to look at the silver lining.

Well tell me what you think. If you have any techniques or ideas to share I'm more than happy to learn about them. :-) Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. 

Hugs and love,


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