Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Bead Parade Nails

Hello ladies! Well last night I had an adventure. A friend and I participated in a local parade last night. What was going to be a promising night turned into a rain-soaked story to grumble about when reminiscing on old times. We got POURED on for about 15 minutes before the float we were on had a chance to actually make in the parade; and then at the end of the parade my friend, myself and five other USF parade participants were stranded in no-man's land for an hour and a half before we were picked up from the end of the parade route. My nail design should have been an indicator of how the night was going to turn out.

The original idea was to use dots so that it looked like the beads we throw out to the crowd were also stranded across my nails. I wanted them to match my shirt that my friend made for me (white, green, gold)The idea did not translate to my nails. The dots look so random and weird. I tried, haha.

Also I dislike, with great passion, Zoya's Christinna. I used it as my base coat because it is the only white I own. It's streaky, I always make a mess out of it and I have to call it quits on this polish. Time to invest in a good white cream polish. The other colors I used for my "beads" were Zoya Midori and a gold China Glaze color that I cannot remember the name of. I would check it out, but my kitten is curled up on my lap and it would be a shame to wake him up. :-)

Overall, the design worked for the event The other girls there liked it a lot. I like the color combo of white, gold and bright green. I'll have to use them again for another day.

Me on the left and Danielle on the right. This is just before we were rained on.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Hugs and love,

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