Saturday, June 9, 2012


Hello, hello, hello! Once again I am back and ready to bring on the nail fun. After posting about my nails for the parade, things just got really busy. It was my first time ever ending a school year as a teacher and it wore me out. I could barely stay awake long enough after work to eat let alone do my nails. And any polish I did put on my fingers didn't last long enough so I could take a picture. I'd always chip my polish off during the school day. Anyhow, like I mentioned, I'm back. I have the entire summer off (to job hunt) and so I'll be polishing with pretties again.

I did manage to do a quick and bright mani for the last day of school. I figured some bright colors would lift my mood. This year was my first time saying good-bye to a class that was mine. It made me pretty bummed because my students were awesome and I don't have the luxury of seeing them next year in school because I was only a long-term sub. Usually pink and orange will make me happy and so that is the color combo I used

I went with a polka dot design because a) they are easy to do, b) they are cute, and c) I would love to own a bathing suit like this. I used two coats of an Ulta orange as my base and mixed the orange with China Glaze Strawberry Fields. I used the mixed color for my polka dots. I'm sorry for the horrible picture, but I took it right before work and I did not have time but for a few fuzzy shots before heading out.

I really want to enjoy bright, fresh shades for this summer. I think this is a good start.

As always, hugs and love.


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