Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rally Pretty Pink: the polish name I'll never get right, ever.

Hello all! I wanted to share the the amazing polish job of a professional. Last Saturday a friend and I went to get pedis. We wanted to be pampered before going to a mutual friend's wedding. I do not enjoy painting my own toes and so I only ever pay to have them done. I usually skip having my nails done because five minutes after they are polished to perfection, I chip them. It makes me angry. Since I was having such a blast with my friend and with the amazing nail stylist, Amy, I decided to get a mani as well. Okay, it was more than just having a blast. I saw a shade of nail polish gleaming at me from across the room and I had to have it on my  nails ASAP! 

Rally Pretty Pink by OPI is now a new mini obsession of mine. Can we say duo-chrome? These photos do not do it justice. It's captivating and eye catching. I love love love it. It really reminds me of rose gold. The foil and glitter effect work well together. I watched Amy put on two coats of this polish to make it fully opaque. I have no idea what she topped it off with, but I had to use polish remover in school the other day (totally forgetting about my nails because my students come first) and realized the polish remover didn't ruin anything. I'm glad too because I did not want to see the color disappear. 

Oh and as I was trying to find the actual name of this polish (I kept calling it Rally Ready Pink and Ready, Set, Sparkle haha) I came across The Muppet collection on OPI's website. Who isn't ready to get their little Miss Piggys' on those colors?

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  1. looks so sparkley! Reminds me of Katy Perry haha! :) I need to treat myself to a pro mani sometime :) cute!

  2. That color is gorgeous!! I also love OPI's It's MY Year!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog as well! I enjoy meeting new people. :-)