Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Watercolor Nails, Take One

Hello all! I hope that everyone is having a splendid Tuesday. I know that I am, but any time I have some yummy coffee in hand makes for a splendid day. Today I have for you a watercolor mani. I came across the technique after spending some time on Pinterest. Then I discovered that the picture I saw belonged to this blog and, well, the directions were so simple and the results so beautiful that I had to try it for myself. I call it "take one" however, because I decided to try this out at 11:00 p.m. last night, while watching Dr. Quinn and I was too lazy too actually look up the blog again. Turns out that I missed a few steps but, hey, I like my results. On to the pictures! 

I used OPI On Stranger Tides as my base coat and then tried out my new Revlon polishes for the "watercolors" because I love how their pastel colors look together. I wanted a Monet effect. 

Here is a shot of all of the colors I used for my "watercolors".

What you see here is OPI Planks A Lot and the three new Revlon colors I recently purcashed. From left to right, they are: Blue Lagoon, Minted and Sunshine Sparkle. On a side note, I finally made Sunshine Sparkle work for me!

And just because I absolutely, with out a doubt, fell in love with this color last night; I present to you On Stranger Tides!
Oh. My. Goodness. I did not realize how beautiful this color was. Last night was my first time really trying it out and I cannot believe I waited this long. The creamy sage color is just so beautiful. I could literally stare it all day long. If I had it my way, and I was able to use sage as one of my wedding colors (oh husbands, how they change your plans sometimes), this would so be the color I would have used for my manicure. A pure gem!

Well, I hope you continue to have a great day. Check out the link to the blog I mentioned and try this one out for yourself. It's pretty darn awesome. :-)

Hugs and love,

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