Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Here!

Hello ladies (and gents). Last Tuesday was my birthday and as my sister and I were talking about all of my wonderful birthday plans, she asked me what I would like as a present. Since my little sister is awesome, remembered that I have been dying for A-England nail polishes. And so it was that my sister ordered my very first A-England polish. 

EEEEKKKK!!!! Order of the Garter is finally here! I will put up swatches ASAP. It won't be tonight though because I am going on a field trip with my  kindergarten class. We are going to a historical park and agricultural museum. Something tells me it won't be nice on my nails and I want Order of the Garter to be on my nails for a very long time! 

Until then....

Hugs and love,

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